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50 by 2030 Delegations to Council

350 Kingston, SCAN (Seniors for Climate Action Now) and QBACC (Queens Backing Action on Climate Change)  came out in impressive numbers to the City of Kingston council meeting to respond to Report Number 24-008, which was being tabled, suggesting that the City defer the question of setting a more ambitious target for GHG reduction for 2030 (vs the 2018 base year).  In late December of 2021 council passed a motion asking staff to report back to council by the end of Q3, 2022 on the feasibility of increasing the GHG reduction target for the corporation and the community from the current 30% target to 40 to 50%.

This report back to council was late (25 months vs the requested 9 months) and is requesting a further  delay which brings the total delay to 42 months!!

The request by the delegations to follow the science and set a 50% reduction target for 2030 was not accepted with council voting to accept the delay.