Kingston Residents - Personal Actions

Suzuki Top Ten

Top 10 things you can do about the climate emergency:  The David Suzuki List
What Can I Do To Help Climate Change?
Take Action: Climate Atlas of Canada

Another list!:

  • Become informed on the climate emergency (Home Page features and Learn Page); talk to your friends and family
  • Advocate to all levels of government (and businesses) for BOLD climate action – mandate switch to non fossil fuel cars and trucks, stop subsidizing the fossil fuel industry, building standards, electrification of public transit, reduction of disposable plastics,…
    • Contact your Councillor, MPP, MP and ask for climate action
    • Sign appropriate petitions
    • Join Climate rallies and protests
  • Reduce your own footprint:
    • Transportation:
      • Use Active transportation (Walk, Cycle, electric scooter, etc.)
      • Take public transit
      • Buy / lease an electric vehicle
    • Eat less meat (esp. beef/lamb), grow some of your food, reduce food waste
    • Purchase  green energy – e.g. Bullfrog Electricity and Renewable Natural Gas 
    • Home efficiency
      • Make deep retrofits to reduce energy demands (insulation, fix air leaks, drain water heat recovery etc.) – See Better Homes Kingston Page
      • Upgrade your heating system when it needs replacing with a cold climate air source heat pumps or better still, if your lot and budget permit, a  Geoexchange (ground source) Heat Pump.  See Better Homes Kingston Page
      • As they wear out replace appliances with Energy efficient models – heat pump water heaters, heat pump clothes dryers
      • Install Rooftop solar.  See Better Homes Kingston Page
      • Switch to LED lights, diligently turn off lights not in use, use power bars or unplug chargers, etc. to reduce phantom loads, make your next computer a laptop (more energy efficient).
    • Green Investing, advocacy for pension funds, pressuring banks to divest from fossil fuels.
      • Switch to a Credit Union.  (Information here).  Why: to give them the message not to finance new fossil fuel projects!
      • Here is a report on Fossil Fuel financing by banks
    • Fly less and when you do buy Gold Standard Certified Offsets
    • Consider buying offsets for driving, home heating, etc.
    • Buy less stuff (eg. clothes); buy second hand; fix vs replace
  • Support education of girls, family planning worldwide
  • Advocate for reduced income inequality – higher minimum wage; low cost daycare; guaranteed annual income; housing support