Stop the Clearcut! Davis Tannery Site

THE PLANNING COMMITTEE held 3rd and 4th public meetings 2022-March-24 and March 31.

Link to YouTube video of of 2022-03-24 Planning Meeting; 

Link to the meeting minutes for the public meetings 2022-March-24 and March 31.

These meetings concerned the proposed clear-cut, remediation, and development of the former Davis Tannery lands by developer Jay Patry. These meetings were called because of the massive public outcry of concern and opposition about this plan. For more details on the issue, here are two recent pieces worth reading:

Luke Ottenhof, “Wetlands vs Developers,” Broadview Magazine

Michelle Dorey Forestell, “Davis Tannery Development Presents Persistent Problems,” Kingstonist

Here are some relevant documents.  See the City of Kingston web site for the latest information.