Your Support is Urgently Needed!

Right now, Justin Trudeau is considering using $2 Billion of your tax dollars to bail out Texas oil giant Kinder Morgan’s floundering pipeline and tanker scheme. Dozens of First Nations still don’t have clean drinking water. We’re facing a housing crisis. Renewable energy projects are desperate for more funding. But Trudeau thinks there’s enough extra cash lying around to hand over as much as $2 billion to bail out a Texas oil giant?

We need to show the Trudeau government that taxpayers won’t let them get away with using our hard-earned money to bail out a billionaire oil corporation.

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Kinder Morgan would directly result in expansion of the Alberta tar sands, further setting us back on our climate commitments. A company called Teck Resources has filed for the largest-ever open pit tar sands mine in northern Alberta. The $20-billion Teck Frontier Mine would rip up huge swaths of pristine Boreal forest, destroy critical wildlife habitat, violate the rights of local First Nations, unleash a flood of global warming pollution, and pollute sensitive watersheds that flow into Canada’s largest World Heritage Park. All this at a time when the world is rejecting Canada’s dirty, energy intensive oil. Teck Resources has signed contracts to ship oil through Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline. Their open pit mine is driving the business case for the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

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MP Mark Gerretsen and Justin Trudeau’s Liberals were elected based on the promises of true reconciliation with Indigenous communities and action on climate change. Not only does support for the Kinder Morgan pipeline run contrary to these goals, but it makes those problems much worse than when they took office.

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Kinder Morgan is meeting with their investors on May 9th. We need to send a strong message that this already delayed project is on shaky ground. Kinder Morgan has also expressed they’ll be making a decision whether to proceed with the project by May 31st. 

350 Kingston visited MP Gerretsen on March 23rd to give him a sample of water from the Burrard Inlet, BC for safekeeping. We explained that the best way to keep it safe (and keep our climate safe) is to not build the pipeline. Gerretsen told us that he would only act on the issue if “a steady stream of Kingstonians came to his office to express opposition to the project”.

Let’s do everything we can to make this happen. 

Your contribution to this campaign may be the tipping point to stop the project and put Canada back on the path of true reconciliation and real climate action. 

Let’s support the Salish Coast Indigenous communities and others who are on the front line of this struggle: Please visit to learn more or email us at with questions.

We need Mark Gerretsen to become one more Liberal MP going to Trudeau and saying, “Umm, this Kinder Morgan thing is a problem in my riding too, boss”. 

In Solidarity, 

350 Kingston